In conclusion, at long last…

I admit it: when I came to Blacksburg I was hoping to get a job in the area and stay. In fact, it was a particular job at the Radford Arsenal, doing similar work to that I was doing for the navy in Maryland. And I got it! Anyone who reads this blog probably already knows this, but I felt like it was unfinished because after a point I didn’t know how to excuse my continuing presence here without admitting that I was looking for a job, which was somewhat of a secret. But maybe now that I have worked for over a month and it seems that I may not be waking up from this dream-come-true, I can say it out loud: that I have a job and will be living in Blacksburg indefinitely. Woohoo!

Lucy and I hiking Dragon's Tooth on New Year's Eve

Lucy and I hiking Dragon's Tooth on New Year's Eve


5 responses to “In conclusion, at long last…

  1. That’s a great picture! Is tomorrow still the big day?

  2. wow nice photo of you and the dog hi-fiving!

    awesome 🙂

  3. Wow enjoyed reading this article. I added your rss to my google reader.

  4. Hi Shannon!!
    Great blog and what an adventure! Thanks for writing to me…I’dlike to send you the emails I send to some in airportacres, what is yours??
    and where are you now?
    great pics too!

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