Oops, it’s been a really long time…

I really thought I posted once since being in Blacksburg but have not.  I’ve been busy!

We are camping in the Coopers’ driveway (that’s my sister and her family, Al, Patrick, Jacquelyn, and Bear).  They invited us to stay inside but with fall approaching so fast I wanted to sleep outside for a while longer.  Staying here is so great it’s hard to seriously consider leaving but at some point they must tire of having a delinquent in the driveway who occasionally comes in late and gets Bear all excited.  

RiverSept2008 001 by you. 

Al making his great ribs the first weekend I was here

I have spent the last two weeks catching up with Blacksburg and my friends.  The farmers’ market is bigger, there is disorienting construction on South Main, traffic seems thicker but I think that’s the story almost everywhere, and they either moved the bike racks around downtown so I can’t find them or they got rid of too many.  I plan to lodge a complaint about that.   I have been running almost every day and am starting to feel better about my fitness, which deteriorated during the trip.  Also, I get to play a little bit of touch rugby twice a week with the Blacksburg rugby team, who have healthy numbers lately and beat Danville by something like 90 points last weekend. 

I finally made it down to the river on friday of this week, after exactly two weeks in town.  My friend, Ann, lives on the New River in a beautiful spot out in Eggleston and she has always been really generous about letting me spend time down there.  I ran into her Monday night at a performance in Radford and when she found out that I had been in town for over a week and hadn’t been to the river yet, she asked “Did you lose your soul?” 

RiverSept2008 013 by you.

Lucy says it’s good to be back at the river

Angus actually came from this property.  Six years ago they found a hound dog down here with nine puppies and he was one of them. 

RiverSept2008 033 by you.

My river dog

Lastnight the Coopers and I went to Mountain Lake (the hotel where Dirty Dancing was filmed, for all you non-Hokies) for Oktoberfest where we saw the Sauerkraut Band!  They are a German oom-pah band that used to play downtown in Blacksburg occasionally and played at Kristie & Al’s wedding.  They have polka and yodeling contests between crowd members and are a lot of fun to see. 

That’s all for now.  I expect to be back in NJ friday night to do some painting over the weekend.  ‘Til then I’ll be tootling around Blacksburg.


3 responses to “Oops, it’s been a really long time…

  1. Phew! I was beginning to wonder if we’d hear from you again! Don’t use up all your painting skills. We’ll be moving into our new house in mid-October and there will be lots of painting going on. When are you coming back?

  2. From what I hear you’re back in Blacksburg again! Thanks for helping Dad with the painting!

  3. Great picture of (giant!) An’Gus …

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