My mom indulges the dogs so much she buys them cantaloupe

For years my mom claimed she didn’t like dogs, but she constantly cuddles with Angus (or vice versa, to be fair) and I caught her voluntarily petting the labrador in a car whose driver stopped to talk to her.  Then she told me other day that she had bought the cantaloupe I was eating “with the dogs in mind.”  I love it; she is completely converted!

Mom and I at Smithville by you.

Mom and I biking at Smithville Park

I love being here.  I have done a few productive things but we also take time to go biking and walking and we still drink cocktails almost every day at 5:00.  As you have probably guessed, most of my sightseeing is done.  I think so, anyway, but I have proved to be an unreliable planner.  I leave tomorrow for Blacksburg and I will spend a couple weeks there.  Then we’ll see.


4 responses to “My mom indulges the dogs so much she buys them cantaloupe

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your time at home! And likewise glad that An’Gus has converted your Moms. I was passing some cadets cooking out near Shultz, when one of them started yelling at their black lab puppy … wait for it … named Angus. My head snapped around so hard I needed ibuprofen.
    Rugby starts tomorrow at Newport News, but our next four games are home (with a couple of open weeks) so you should be able to catch some while you’re here should you care to. Lemme know when you’re in town!

  2. I want to go to Blacksburg!!!! Jealous am I.

  3. Have some Jersey peaches on my behalf before you leave for Blacksburg! That’s one thing that I miss living up here. Upstate NY apples, good; corn, good… peaches? forget it. Cantaloupe made me think of it – that doesn’t do so well here either. Enjoy the rest of your travels! (We missed you & your family at the lake over Labor Day!)

  4. Hey – nice sunglasses! They have a bit of Leadville style to them!

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