…I could skip spending more time in the Finger Lakes and head straight to Connecticut for a few days to hang out with the Salan family: Jerry, Kerri, Sasha, Kane, Luke, and Eddie the English Lab.  Schedules work out better this way and now I don’t have to worry about finding a campsite for Labor Day weekend because I can stay in Jersey with my parents!  I have been here since Sunday hanging out with the family, eating fabulous food, and checking out the sights.  The kids really like the camper and we have had a couple sleepovers this week in the driveway. 

pre-labor day 001 by you.

Sasha, Luke, and Kane 

Today I went to the see the US Navy Submarine Force Museum.  My dad used to work on submarines, which is why I was particularly interested.  At the museum you can tour the USS Nautilus, which was the first nuclear powered submarine.  I went first thing in the morning and I was the only on the boat during my tour. 

CT 034 by you.

USS Nautilus

CT 033 by you.

Close quarters in the submarine!

All the mannequins are rail thin.  After seeing pictures of my dad from his submarine days, I would guess they are pretty accurate representations of the submariner physique.  They say that submarine food is the best in the navy though. 

CT 028 by you. 

Don’t they say you can’t trust a skinny cook?

Yesterday we went to Bluff Point park in Groton.  They have a nice walking trail and pretty beaches.  Eddie had so much fun retrieving from the water!  After the museum today we met Kerri and the kids today in Old Saybrook, a cute little town with great shops.  Lastnight was delicious pizza and possibly the creamiest ice cream I have ever had.  It was so good that on the way out of town I might have to swing by for one more taste.  Coconut chocolate chip came highly recommended and I like it so much I’m afraid to try anything else for fear it won’t be as good.  It’s been such a nice visit here!  They let us pop up in the driveway (and invited us numerous times to sleep in the house) and we haven’t wanted for anything.  One morning Kerri brought me coffee in bed!  I told her it was a dream come true.


3 responses to “Or…

  1. Sounds like CT is pretty nice…I mean, who needs anything more than coconut chocolate chip ice cream! Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. *Coconut* chocolate chip? Hmmm. Weird, and strangely compelling.

  3. The coconut does sound a bit off…but if its good ice cream, hey, I’m all for it. You should head to Vermont and go to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory…and then you can go right on over to the VonTrapp house. Quite a sight!

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