Getting back east

I didn’t look around too much between Wisconsin and New York.  We did stay at a series of really nice state parks: Pokagon (Indiana), Geneva (Ohio), and Allegany (New York), but one night apiece.  Now we are in Corning, NY, where I was born.  I really like it here, since it has trees and hills and a river and the pretty city isn’t too big.

Corning 007 by you.

Sorry to be so brief but the internet access isn’t so convenient.  I am headed up closer to the Finger Lakes from here.  Don’t harass me about wine tasting!  I’ll get to it if I get to it.


2 responses to “Getting back east

  1. We share a birthplace! I was born there in 1942. My sister was born in Elmira, the next town east.
    My father worked at Corning Glass Works, creating the batches of glass that they used.

  2. So fun you made it to Corning! I always like to mention the bit about Corningware when asked where I was born…

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