Upgrades and yard sale finds

This is a gratuitous post just because I have wifi in the camper.  It is just starting to clear up (I think) after a driving rain.  I feel bad for the people in tents.  We have arrived in Decorah, been for our first walk, and identified some routes we’d like to check out later.  I’m glad we did all that before the rain started. 

I’ve been thinking that traveling has been more comfortable lately than I remember it being in the beginning, partially I assume because I have gotten used to it, but also because we have made some improvements to our system. 

Crucial improvement #1: the capability of running the fridge on propane.  I’ve mentioned it before, and not only does it allow us to keep groceries more reliably, we have a better selection of campsites.  Frequently, the sites with no hookups are more attractive to us and now we can indulge in them. 

#2: ant-proof dog food container.  We picked this up in Livermore and I had wanted one for a while.  It has a screw top and I think my roommates will like it, too, since the top doesn’t come off its hinges and fall off anymore.  I left the dog food outside in Mississippi and we had an ant infestation.  Fortunately, there wasn’t much food left.  And they didn’t appear to be biting ants.

#3: 6-gallon water container.  First we had the kind of couple-gallon disposable plastic container you buy water in from the grocery store that we reused all the way into California.  Then I found a bug in it that resembled a worm and I couldn’t drink out of it anymore.  Next we had a 1-gallon Coleman container I bought at a yard sale in Livermore for $1, but it leaked even after my attempts to seal it with a sealant most likely not recommended for food containers.  Last week Derek called my attention to a couple items at his neighbors’ yard sale in Leadville, one of which was this great aquatainer which is watertight and has a convenient spout.  (I also got a food dehydrator for $5!)  I should have paid more attention to yard sales in a place like Leadville where the people tend to be outdoorsy and do-it-yourselfers.

#4: The Stroller.  Obviously, this allows us to go some places when we might otherwise be hampered by Angus’ lethargy.  He’s been doing pretty well lately but it’s nice to have, especially when you have access to a smooth bike path.

#5: New camper tires.  We had a lot of flat tires in the beginning, but I think since New Mexico the camper has been on new tires, and by ‘new’ I believe I mean tires that did not come with the camper in 1998.  We actually had a couple more tire changes recently: one was bald and the other had a variable but constant leak.  I hope to make it back to VA on these ones. 

I’m off to see if I can get a run in before Angus starts barking about dinner.  This is a picture of a calf we saw at the Picket Fence Creamery in Woodward, IA.  I wanted a better shot, but Lucy was crying and the yellow lab was barking and my groceries, including a tub of peanut butter, were in the car with Angus so I was rushed.

Picket Fence Creamery by you.


3 responses to “Upgrades and yard sale finds

  1. That boy does indeed like him some peanut butter.

  2. What is it about PB??? Stella and Cody know when a jar of PB is being open and are sitting by my feet in record time. Amazing….but I like me some PB too!!!

  3. Sing out, Sara K! Me too.

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