Near Ames, Iowa

If you think that this

Ames 012 by you.

is what Iowa looks like, you would only be partially correct.  Yes, unfathomable amounts of corn grow here, but that doesn’t make it as dull to drive through as you might think.  After we drove through Omaha and crossed into Iowa, suddenly the terrain became hilly and sometimes terraced.  We passed scores of farms and I was enthralled. 

Ames 003 by you.

A view in southwestern Iowa

Lucy was not, however.  I’m not sure what happened to her, but since leaving Leadville every time we get in the car she starts panting very fast, as if she’s nervous.  It hasn’t been hot, so I know it’s not that.  I wonder if it is related to the diarrhea incident…oh, did I fail to mention that?  En route to Flaming Gorge NRA with Heather from Yellowstone, Angus snagged the front seat and Lucy stayed close to the front of the car with us.  It was warm, so I assumed she was panting because she was hot.  Usually if she needs to get out of the car she paws my shoulder and she never did.  Just before arriving at the campground I smelled it, and congratulated Angus since I assumed it was his usual gas.  Then I realized that Lucy had diarrhea in the back.  Heather patiently tolerated my little temper tantrum (she’s good at that) as we were choosing a site and soon we were drinking beers and joking about whether the pop-up would blow over in the wind if we zipped up the windows to keep out the rain.  Anyway, Lucy doesn’t seem a happy traveler in the car lately but she hasn’t yet refused to get in. 

We are staying in Story City, which is 13 miles north of Ames.  This is the first time since leaving Leadville that we are staying two nights in one spot, which feels great.  Plus, we have an excellent site.  Our three main criteria for choosing a site are these 1) shade, 2) grass, 3) proximity to neighbors.  We are camping in the tent area of a beautiful private campground across from, yes, a cornfield.  Our site is completely grassy, shady except for the early morning when it doesn’t matter, and our nearest neighbor is 40 meters away.  Behind us stretches a large and half shady park with a couple trails for walking, and if we go sit near the office we have wireless internet access.  Also, we share the park with this cool tractor and have a sweet-smelling port-a-potty close by which only I appear to be using, all for $16.05 per night.  Oh yeah, and the showers are free and hot.  I feel so pampered.

Ames 005 by you.





5 responses to “Near Ames, Iowa

  1. L0ve the tractor! Glad you found some things to be enthralled by. I hope Luce snaps out of her car-ride ennui, and perhaps she will if it was related to the incident.

  2. Having driven across Kansas myself, I have to disagree, and this excert from an article in the Guardian shows why:

    “This year, for instance, three geographers compared the flatness of Kansas to the flatness of a pancake. They used topographic data from a digital scale model prepared by the US Geological Survey, and they purchased a pancake from the International House of Pancakes. If perfect flatness were a value of 1.00, they reported, the calculated flatness of a pancake would be 0.957 “which is pretty flat, but far from perfectly flat”. Kansas’s flatness however turned out to be 0.997, which they said might be described, mathematically, as “damn flat”.

  3. Oh, and I meant to add that Iowa was indistinguishable from Kansas…

  4. corn is my favorite

  5. So glad to see “Patrick” commenting, as I was thinking P & J would love the picture of the tractor! (I’m *assuming* Little P refers to my nephew. Many apologies if I’m wrong!)

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