Colorado stops

Meadows campground Routt NF by you.

Meadows campground just outside Steamboat Springs

Our last stop en route to Leadville was in Routt National Forest.  Heather and I split up during the drive so she could see Dinosaur National Monument and the dogs and I didn’t have to spend the entire day in the car, which makes me cranky.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of Dinosaur from her before we depart Leadville tomorrow. 

Angus in his new boots by you.

Angus’ new boots.  Sometimes he wears them on the front now, too. 

The last couple days have been busier than we are used to.  I have been helping Derek tile a bathroom in the afternoons and Heather is over there with him now.  We did check out part of the Mineral Belt Trail yesterday morning, which is a great paved bike path encircling town through the mining districts, and walking around town is entertaining because the historic buildings are so interesting.   I hope to do a walking tour later but we’ll have to see how the day turns out.


2 responses to “Colorado stops

  1. The dinosaur monument is pretty cool if you were once obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils … guilty … but the dark secret there is that you can roll through the building in 15 minutes, and then tramp around outside for a couple and that’s about it. Not sure the dogs would be allowed to tear around, so you were prob’ly happier walkin’.
    And now tiling for Derek!

  2. P.S.: An-GUS is precious. I love his boots.

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