Bozeman, MT to Flaming Gorge NRA, WY

This won’t bring you quite up to date but I’ll be back later with more.  From Bozeman, Heather and I drove to Yellowstone NP, where we camped our first night out of Bozeman.  We didn’t do too much sightseeing (hiking is out there with the dogs) but it was really interesting to see what a forest looks like 20 years after massive forest fires.  We camped at Lewis Lake at the southern end of the park, and drove to southern Wyoming the next day.

Lewis Lake, Yellowstone NP by you.

Sunset at Lewis Lake

Tetons by you.

Views from our drive from Yellowstone.  Grand Tetons.

The night after Yellowstone we camped in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, which was beautiful and provided us with a windy little rainstorm.  I haven’t seen much rain lately, so it was nice for me.  In the evening I lost a game of Scrabble to Heather and in the morning I took a walk with the dogs.  I thought the colorful grasses were gorgeous.  You can see them in this picture of Heather walking Angus.

Firehole campground by you.

Heather and Angus on an evening stroll

Firehole campground by you.

These grasses had very soft tops

These were long driving days for me and the dogs, but short ones for Heather.  I write to you from Leadville, CO, where I will be staying for a few days, and will post some pictures from our last campsite later on and fill you in on Leadville.


One response to “Bozeman, MT to Flaming Gorge NRA, WY

  1. Excellent use of ‘stroll’, which Angus is doing even if riding in his bomb stroller.
    Post massive fire pics? I thought the blast side of Mt. St. Helens was fantastical and alien. What do the woods look like?

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