Hello from Bozeman

Georgetown Lake, MT by you.

Angus at Georgetown Lake, between St. Regis and Bozeman

I have spent the last few days in Bozeman with Heather at the retreat where she spent last summer.  The owners, Laura and Ted, have graciously allowed us to pop up at one the cabins that currently isn’t in use.  The spot is beautiful and there is a hiking trail right from camp that has a nice view over Bozeman. 

View over Bozeman by you.

Angus hiking above Bozeman this morning

It is beautiful here and I can see why folks would want a summer home here, but I hear they still had snow in June, which means I would have a hard time here.  In addition to checking out downtown, the farmer’s co-op, and a cool hike,

Hyalite Lake Trail by you.

Heather and Lucy on the Hyalite Lake Trail

I have gotten to meet a handful of Heather’s friends from last summer.  Lastnight we were invited to a wonderful barbecue in nearby Belgrade that included homemade strawberry shortcake!  It was rather a late night for me but worth it for the food and great company. 

The dogs have been given free reign on the retreat property and Lucy in particular has been taking full advantage.  She hunts rodents nonstop and this morning I spotted her trotting around with a chocolate lab that I hadn’t seen before and haven’t since.  It has been a really comfortable stay and at least we leave here headed toward promising ground.  We will drive through Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs toward Leadville, CO.


One response to “Hello from Bozeman

  1. Bozeman is one of the places you’ve checked out that I *have* been to. Look at those pictures! I like any picture with An-GUS! and some mountains.
    I can see why snow in June might give you pause.
    Hope you guys are having a great time!

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