Oregon, post-Ashland and pre-Portland

[This is old news by a few days.]

After Ashland I headed toward the coast because it comes highly recommended, but while camped in a nice roomy spot near Coquille I found I was too anxious to head eastward to really enjoy the scenery out there and the next day took a pretty drive back inland toward Eugene and stayed the weekend at a beautiful campground in Cottage Grove called Schwarz Park. I showed up on Thursday afternoon just when the last weekend spots were going fast and got a great shady spot close to the hiking trail ON WHICH DOGS ARE ALLOWED. Woohoo! No boots for Angus! The park looks just like the ones they show in rv advertisements with plenty of both open space and tall trees too, right on a river. And the showers were hot and free. The weather was fantastic, with highs in the 80s every day and cool weather at night. I didn’t see as much of Eugene as I planned, partially because the campground was so nice, but did make it to the spectacular Saturday Market where they have crafts for sale and perhaps the best farmers market I have ever seen. They sell produce there I have never heard of, and I pay attention to produce.

Walk along Dorena Lake

The last day we were there we discovered the path up to the lake edge, which takes you right up to the top of Dorena Dam. 

In addition to seeing the city of Eugene I was hoping to visit with then Colin and Jen Rea family there, but unfortunately Colin was under the weather for much of the weekend so we only managed a brief visit on Sunday as I was headed north toward Portland. They generously allowed me to do a load of laundry while I was there too (thanks, guys!).

Now I am about 20 miles from Portland in another fine Oregon SP called Champoeg. When I arrived the sign out from read “Campground Full” but when I asked they had one site left. Lucky! Then, immediately after backing the camper into our spot, our neighbors Ron and Joanne invited me over for a drink and some conversation. Ron used to own a farm across the river from here where he raised Hereford beef cattle, but now he and Joanne live near Bend.

I originally thought I would spend a lot of time here in Oregon, but suddenly (and pleasantly), I am on a schedule: I am meeting my sister, Heather, in Bozeman MT in a little over a week! I figure that leaves me only one or two days in the Portland area before heading east. I had been disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see the Portland farmers’ market which is supposed to be fantastic, but fortunately Colin Rea assured me that Eugene’s is better. 


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