I’m in Oregon at last!

After leaving Livermore we bolted north to Castle Crags SP, which was nice enough but as usual in CA dogs weren’t allowed on park trails.  Fortunately, the Pacific Crest Trail was nearby and we did a really nice hike up to and along it Monday morning.  We walked for 2 hours up a steep, rocky slope at times and Angus did great except for one scary incident where he drank a lot of water, then started walking like he was drunk, and almost slid off the trail down a steep slope.  He recovered in a few minutes.

On the PCT

I was impatient to get into Oregon so after our hike we took off to Ashland, where we are camping at Emigrant Lake Recreation Area.  It is a nice park for people with a beautiful lake and a nice playground and even water slides! 

See the foggy mountain in the background?  I assume it is smoke from all the forest fires, just like we were seeing in Livermore.

We spent most of the afternoon at the camper yesterday, where it was hot, but checked out Ashland in the air-conditioned car late in the afternoon mostly for some relief from the heat.  It’s a beautiful town with plenty of bookstores and coffeeshops.  This morning I had some really delicious coffee from a place called Key of C Coffee House, where they also make their own bagels.  Actually, that’s where I am right now.   To keep the dogs out of the heat today I put them in a kennel a few miles north of Ashland.  It’s ridiculously hard for me to leave them, even for a day!  I wanted to cry when I left them in the large, air-conditioned, clean indoor/outdoor cage together where they would get to wander around the yard at some point in the afternoon.  When I walk down an aisle between cages hearing dogs park I think “dog pound!” and my instinct is to get my dogs away from there ASAP, but all the dogs I saw seemed relaxed and happy.  ….What am I doing here, trying to talk myself into thinking it’s okay to put them in the kennel?    Of course it’s okay, it’s probably even good for them.  The main point is I was free to wander around Ashland by myself this afternoon, which is a special treat.  All along I have been planning to see a play here, but when the day finally came I didn’t feel like sitting in a theater.  Instead I wandered the bookstores (but didn’t buy anything!) and came here to plot my route and get in touch with you all.  Earlier I walked through Lithia Park in downtown Ashland, which I wouldn’t have been able to do with the dogs.  It’s a gem of a park with duck ponds and tennis courts and playgrounds and open spaces for field games and about a mile-and-a-half in there is a swimming hole. 

See the baby ducks?


4 responses to “I’m in Oregon at last!

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Ashland. We loved it there and would move in a heartbeat if only the rest of the family would move with us!

  2. Poor ANGUS!!! Drunk from water…dont we all wish that would happen every now and then? Ha! I am missing you here shannon! You must return soon!! Don’t feel bad about the kennel, I am sure Angus welcomes the A/C and relaxation! I am glad to see you are doing so well. Sorry I havent checked up on you in awhile, but thats not to say I dont ask either Shilpa or Jerry about you ALL the time!! Don’t worry, I havent forgotten! 🙂 I miss you!!!

  3. I’m going thru blog-withdrawl…where are you? What are you doing??? I need details (and pics, of course). Enjoy yourself. 🙂

  4. Gecko!
    How was the water hole? I got the computer up and running in the “new” office, finally. Same phone number, same e-mail … different address. But then I get all that from the philosophy Dep’t anyway.
    Sorry Colin was keel’d over dead when you saw those guys. I hear he’s getting better. So–on to Montana?

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