On the road again at last?

Yesterday my friend, Brian, and I went into San Francisco to tour around a little.  We went to the big farmer’s market down at the Ferry Building on The Embarcadero first, and then did a bit of sightseeing on foot. 

We had lunch and spent a good part of the afternoon at Ghirardelli Square (free peanut chocolate sample!) with some pigeons, one of which lacked a foot and toe.  As they pecked apart pieces of bread they constantly threw bread chunks over their shoulders. 

The pirate pigeon on his peg leg

But the highlight of the day for me was finding sfogliatelle at a pastry shop en route back to the car.  These are my most favorite pastry in the world and I think the last time I had one was over six years ago.  Inside they have an orange-flavored ricotta filling.  Holy smokes, so delicious. 



I am semi-reluctantly packing up to leave Livermore this morning.  The schedule says I leave today but if it gets late (if I procrastinate enough) I may put it off until tomorrow since I intend to make rather a long drive of 4+ hours to our next stop.  In just a couple days we shall have entered Oregon at long last.


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