Ever cook with fresh fava beans?

As usual, I am postponing my plans a little.  I was going to leave Livermore either tonight or tomorrow and be in Ashland, Oregon for the weekend, but unexpectedly a friend of mine is going to be in town so I will stay a few more days. You know what that means: at least one more visit to the farmers markets.  I have eyed fava bean recipes for years but haven’t seen any around until now.  I have been getting them from the Livermore market and eating them with pasta and they’re really good, but I think their stronger appeal to me might be that they seem freakishly big for beans.

I also made focaccia bread this week and had tofu sandwiches, which have been on my mind ever since that one I ate from Wildberries in Arcata.  My latest and less virtuous craving is for chocolate chip cookies.  I think I can get those at the farmers market, too.


2 responses to “Ever cook with fresh fava beans?

  1. Dear Aunt Ecko,
    I had chick peas for dinner. How many cans of chick peas did you bring with you on your trip? Twenty and a half?

  2. I ate my very first fava beans last night. I have a new favorite food! I actually grew these from young plants bought at a nursery a few weeks ago. I’m glad the sales girl talked me into them. The ones I picked were still on the smallish side (same size as lima beans) so I didn’t have to peal off the inner skin. I simmered in water for a few minutes then lightly sauteed in butter, added salt and pepper and ate. WOW!

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