Chemical hazards on the street!

When I went to Walnut Creek to shop at Title 9 last week, the parking garage where I parked had this sign on the wall next to the entrance.

Which area?!  The parking garage?  The grass nearby?  And is it really necessary to have such a chemical right there by the sidewalk?  The really troubling thing is that this chemical is probably used all over the place but it usually isn’t posted. 

Suddenly departure from Livermore is sadly almost upon us.  Today I had the oil changed in the car,started packing up, and Angus is about to go in for a bordetella vaccination just in case I decide to kennel the dogs for a day or so sometime.  Most kennels require it and I found a place where he can get it for only $15.  We’re taking it rather easy physically today.  There are warnings about the air quality again and I don’t know if they mean I shouldn’t run outdoors or what.  When I biked to the garage earlier to pick up the car my chest was bugging me a little.  I guess that means I shouldn’t.


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