I become more and more spoiled…

JUST LOOK at what I bought at the farmers’ market today: fresh cherries, two kinds of peas, fava beans, green beans, fresh figs, ripe tomatoes, and big chunk of tofu–a BIG chunk, which only cost $3 and was made this morning.  [sigh] O my produce, I am so happy. 

And the farmers’ market wasn’t even the first time today that I was shopping in such high spirits.  Some of you, I am sure, receive a Title 9 women’s clothing catalog in the mail.  I have for years and hungrily eyed dozens of items.  They sell wonderful things, of high quality and rather high price for a shopper like me so only once in a great while do I order something from the catalog.  Part of my reluctance is that I can’t try it on, so if it doesn’t fit I have to repackage it, decide to exchange or return, go to the post office, etc., and I hate that crap.  Title 9 does have a few stores but they are all out west, so one of the things I was hoping to do while on this trip was visit one of their stores.  Well I can cross that off my list!

My Title 9 purchases…some of them.  I do not actually mean to show you my leg here, but instead the secret pocket at the hem of my skirt which they were even clever enough to put in the back so its contents don’t bounce off my knee.

Yes, for those of you who recognize it, that is the Rosemary Hoodie.  I, too, often dog-eared that page in case I found an excuse for buying it.  And it’s a good thing I did now because I think in its new edition they may have removed the hood.  Can you call it a hoodie without a hood?  I usually don’t have much patience for clothes shopping; if I can’t find what I think I need in 5-10 minutes or less (it varies depending on my mood) I decide I don’t really need it.  But as I started browsing the racks at Title 9 this morning I was actually giddy and wanted to burst out laughing at the excitement.  Yes, I’m a girl.


3 responses to “I become more and more spoiled…

  1. Pretty nice gams you got there, whether you wanted to show them or not!!! Cool outfit.

  2. Good for you for being a girl! I can’t wait to shop like that when I get home!

  3. I’m a boy, and I’m in it for the leg! But I like your love of secret pockets.


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