I embark on my sweet housesitting gig

Well things are looking up regarding the air around here.  Now only people with respiratory problems or of young or old age are encouraged to avoid going outside, so I celebrated with a jog before dinner and noticed that the hills are becoming more visible.  I am pleased. 

After visiting the library’s used bookstore yesterday where I found such excellent books as Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire, I tasted wine at Retzlaff winery which is virtually next door.  It is an organic estate winery of 14 acres.  I learned that “estate winery” means that all the grapes used to make their wine are grown on the premises and their wine is bottled there, also.  Lacking a bottling line of their own, their wine is bottled by a truck-mounted bottling operation.  Entertainment while tasting included conversation with one of the pourers, an excitable Frenchman named Michel who kept kissing his fingertips, looking heavenward, and talking about steaks, shallots, and mushrooms. 

The tasting room at Retzlaff winery

Today’s biggest accomplishment was my jog, followed closely by my 3-hour, very beneficial nap with Angus this morning.   Now there’s a show on tv about Andrew Jackson, got to go!

More fun with Mr. Tom 


One response to “I embark on my sweet housesitting gig

  1. I read The Botany of Desire a while back – really enjoyed it. Particularly the section on tulips and viruses 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your travels on the west coast.

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