Arcata, CA

[This is rather old and I’ll post up-to-date on thursday.]

Ah, Arcata! I like it here except that I’m not sure it is necessary to own any pants other than long ones–unless for sports. They have two incredible grocery stores here, one of which, Wildberries, seems to be the main grocery in town but is owned locally, not by a large chain, and they offer a ton of local products. I’d had simple dreams of a campfire-cooked hot dog when I walked inside but suddenly I held a fantastic tofu sandwich, kumquats, purple cauliflower, and an organic local wine in my hands. In addition to great food shopping, Arcata offers a brewery where I ate felafel and sampled beer one night, a handful of coffee shops, a bookstore on every street, friendly post office personnel, and a community redwood forest. In this region it has been tough to find places where I can walk the dogs off-road and we gratefully set off onto one of plenty of trails offered by the community forest. The living redwoods here were probably smaller, on average, than the ones we have seen elsewhere, but the stumps are just as impressive as any we have seen. Flat-topped stumps, I assume from logging, are a fact of redwood forests here, at least the readily accessible ones that we have seen.  Hopefully somewhere there are stumpless groves of massive, ancient redwood trees that I haven’t taken the time to seek out.  But I do and I don’t like the stumps.  It’s sad to think a grove might have been more impressive had all its trees lived, but in a way they give the forest a history that I wouldn’t otherwise recognize.  It’s like walking through an old house.  You can imagine other people in it.

We stayed at Patrick’s Point SP near Arcata, which gave us access to Arcata, Redwood NP, and Eureka, supposedly. We probably spent a half hour total at Redwood NP since the road seemed hazardous for walking and the dogs aren’t allowed on any trails. Besides, I figured we had seen some redwoods already. Dogs were actually allowed on the beach just south of Redwood NP, so we took a walk there before returning to camp.

I finally got her to sit still!

Another day I considered driving the 24 miles to Eureka to scope out the Victorian homes there, but haven’t I seen Victorian homes before?  Why not make a campfire and read a book instead?  The cold weather on the north coast is great for Angus but makes me uncomfortable and a little impatient to be elsewhere, despite the beauty here.  I am huddling by the fire reading a book in the summertime! It’s entirely inappropriate.




2 responses to “Arcata, CA

  1. So good to see Luce front and center…everyone looks happy! Hope you are well.

  2. Lucy looks so happy! I can almost picture a smile. Arcata sounds wonderful. Like Angus that climate appeals to me.

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