Mendocino postscript

After my last post we ran outside to take advantage of the sunshine. First we went to the ice cream place in Mendocino, where I had a highly satisfactory sugar cone of peanut butter cup ice cream. It was so good I was sure I would dream about it that night, but I had some other wacky dream–I don’t remember which. Lastnight I dreamed I was fascinated by the fashion at some little boutique carrying bizarre clothes. Truly, I just want more long-sleeved shirts.

We visited the Point Cabrillo lighthouse first in the fog, when I had my camera, and second when we were enjoying the sun as I mentioned above.

Point Cabrillo lighthouse

The half-mile walk down to the buildings is through a wildlife preserve but looks like it might once have been cow or horse pasture since a dilapidated fence surrounds the place. They are restoring the lightkeeper’s and assistants’ quarters, as well as the lighthouse. One of them actually is a bed & breakfast and another is a sort of museum.

2nd lightkeeper’s assistant and lightkeeper’s houses

I am learning to fear the fog. The north coast is beautiful but rather chilly and I look forward to heading back inland.


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