Humboldt Redwoods SP

Look!  The sun is trying to come out.

California is a wonderland. They grow exotic fruits here, the ocean is crayon blue, wineries abound, and they have these magical gargantuan trees. The first night at Humboldt I went to the campfire talk on forest fires, where I got to share the honor of lighting the campfire with someone from Georgia, for having come so far. I also got to sing the Little Bunny Foo Foo song for the first time in an age. Seeing the park was great, but I’m not sure I’m a big fan of camping under the redwoods since it is so dark. Late in the afternoon although the sun may still shine brightly, the pop-up is so dim I have to turn lights on to cook. Also, it might be extra frightening when large branches fall. I was sitting in our campsite reading, shifting my seat every few minutes to stay in the one patch of sunlight we had, and a huge branch fell across the street from us. For a second I actually thought “should I crawl under the car?” Yeah, under. What’s wrong with me? I think I am starting to identify too closely with my traveling companions, because that’s what Lucy does.




3 responses to “Humboldt Redwoods SP

  1. Shannon, you have taken some great pictures. I love the ones of Angus…but where has lucy been? Camera shy? 🙂 You sound like you are having so much fun and meeting so many different folks. I had no idea Phil had a tortoise…why does he keep such valuable information from us???

  2. I’m loving anything that starts with “California is a wonderland”…!

  3. Great pictures, Shannon. I do think it is good that Lucy isn’t into reading blogs. Angus is getting more press and pictures! We really enjoyed Canyonlands and Arches and the Moab Diner! 🙂

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