Mendocino [Mendo-see-no]

I’m glad I went to the visitors’ center this morning, because otherwise I might have mispronounced it for years.  It’s a very un-Italian pronunciation.

Well, thursday evening I was comfortably settled in the camper but Angus wanted a walk, and because it’s so rare lately that he needs one I thought he deserved it.  It’s tough to walk the dogs around here where we are camping because of traffic and stones and other dogs, so we drove into Mendocino for the occasion.  I admit being a little annoyed at the time, but once we got there I was glad.  It’s very picturesque, full of lovely cottages and spectacular flower gardens and [the choir sings]…

…this natural food store.  Also, I saw a Hobart in a bakery, which excited a rare kitchen appliance envy in me.  I actually got to use one like this last summer when I visited my little sister at her camp in the Adirondacks.

The last couple days have been fairly lazy.  Friday morning we walked around Fort Bragg, where I found a great used bookstore.  It isn’t fancy; the sign outside says “Books,” but there were armfuls I wanted to buy.  (Note, I balk at telling you how many I did buy.)  After that of course I had to read in the sun for a while, and I’m glad I took advantage of the sun while it was visible, because after I went to the farmers’ market in Mendocino around noon the fog rolled in and we haven’t seen the sun since.  I bought kale, broccoli, snow peas, and gorgeous strawberries at the farmers’ market, then spent the afternoon trying to finish The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald–except for the hour I spent on running, a handful of other exercises, and a shower. 

Three days is more than I would have spent here but I tend to schedule weekends as a block (stay until Sunday) so we wound up with some extra time on our hands.  Of course I could drive somewhere for the day, but I tire of driving. 

By the way, yours truly has a regularly functional indoor faucet. 

Hey I think the sun is coming out, got to go!



One response to “Mendocino [Mendo-see-no]

  1. Hey Shan,
    So I’ve finally caught up with you after losing track of you over the last couple of weeks. You’re covering some ground! I was up in the ADK’s last week and loving it. Hard to leave that place behind as I plan to head West.

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