Gluttony of fruit

For a while there, my fruit and vegetable pickin’s were pretty slim and I was relying on my oatmeal raisins as a serving of them, which I don’t normally do (not that I obsessively count servings of foods but I hate being short on fruits/vegetables).  My average produce intake is probably more than it should be when I’m not on the road, so entering the central valley region of California was sweet relief to me.  My first fruit binge was on cherries, apricots, nectarines, and plums that I bought at a roadside stand somewhere between Kings Canyon and Fresno.  Now I have my hands on grape tomatoes, yellow squash, and strawberries, too, and I had a salad for lunch. 

We are happily camper-less at the moment while I get a couple things looked at and are staying with friends, Phil and Jackie, in Livermore.  I was here once before, but it was a trip I made for work and somehow I failed to notice how lovely it is.  The community is really bikable, they have a whole bunch of wineries nearby, Trader Joe’s is here, and I have even seen drivers stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.  I don’t know, it might be love but it’s too early to tell.

This morning was spent taking care of camper maintenance.  I took it to a Jayco dealer in Manteca to have the brakes looked at because they’re acting funny and it’s a feature I’m fond of.  At the same time, I got a new faucet, a new plastic thing to hold the door open (the old one must have broken in the cold at Kings Canyon), and they are ordering the propane fitting I need for the fridge.  That last bit means staying until Tuesday but I’m glad to have a good excuse and hopefully I will have a fridge full time after I install the fitting. 

Phil and Jackie’s house sits right next to a bike path (which they can take to work) and we have already spent a few hours on it including two runs, a morning walk, and a bike excursion.  This afternoon we went to Sycamore Grove Park, which is about four miles from here.  There is a fee to park, but it’s the type of park I would probably have an annual pass to if I lived here because there are enough trails to make up a variety of running routes and it’s a nice place to walk the dogs.  Plus, it’s the site of the defunct Olivina winery.  I am not sure when it ceased functioning, but the original grapevines were planted in 1882 and they produced olive oil, as well. 

Olivina winery building

Those are grapevines across the road and I assume these are sycamores here in front.  They have beautiful silvery bark.

Oooh, and lastnight I watched The Thin Man, which Phil recommended and it was excellent.


One response to “Gluttony of fruit

  1. I want a Trader Joe’s where I am! We have landed in Moab (hoping not to meet your friend from your run) and are waiting for Mom & Dad to arrive tomorrow. We loved seeing you in Kanab. Thanks again for adjusting your schedule to see us!

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