Doin’ it right

Originally, we planned to spend two nights at Lake Mead’s Echo Bay after leaving Kanab, but THANK GOODNESS I canceled our second night’s reservation (at the last penalty-free minute). I hated the place from the start. It was 100 degrees, farther out of the way than I expected, the directions I had were inaccurate, it wasn’t clear upon arrival where registration was, without a boat there really wasn’t any way to appreciate the lake and there was no good place to let the dogs in the water, and the neighbors were terrible. Well, I had one set of good neighbors: Chris and Bob, who used to live on Maryland’s eastern shore but moved to Arizona three years ago. The bad neighbors stayed up late drinking, playing loud music, and making a racket on their trailered boats. Poor Chris and Bob were subjected to a speaker directed right at their camper and when, at midnight, Bob went over to ask them to turn the music down, he got such an earful from the guy that he said he was afraid he would get up in the morning to find his tires slashed. We bolted out of there ASAP this morning, around 7:00. So did Chris and Bob.

Our goal is to get to Sequoia NF and we needed one stop between there and Lake Mead. Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley NP looks good on a map, but today’s high there is 106 degrees, which I claim is rough on the dogs but I don’t like it, either. Fortunately, I had a brainstorm this morning to call the park for lodging information and they have pet-friendly rooms! So now we are living it up with AC in a deluxe room (they didn’t have any regular rooms available…I think “deluxe” just means we get a fridge…) in the Stovepipe Wells lodge. Hallelujah, I pulled this one off right. I tire of desert and hope by tomorrow to see forest.

on the way into Death Valley

And some miscellaneous pictures from the last few days:

This is from the beautiful hike above our Red Canyon campground, near Bryce Canyon, pre-Kanab

Zion NP, post-Kanab



3 responses to “Doin’ it right

  1. Hope you get to those woods, Gecko! But I like your pictures, ’cause I love the desert.
    Kiss the little guy’s foot for me.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Sounds like you’re having good adventures and seeing a lot of the country. The pictures are great! Take care and enjoy yourself!

  3. Gorgeous! Take more! you’re writing is good too 🙂

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