Miscellaneous points in southern Utah

Since leaving Moab we’ve had a series of one-night sites, all of which have been great compared to the parking lot we were in at Moab. The campground there had some nice facilities, but they really pack you in so close that I couldn’t even have set up my awning if I wanted to. The three campsites we have had since have been fantastic, and this last one is my favorite. We have a ton of room and privacy, there is a trailhead right in the campground, and it’s beautiful.

The plan upon leaving Moab was to stay in the first Dixie NF campground west of Capitol Reef NP, but when we arrived it was snowing. A quick question to some semi-locals (the only people in the park besides the host, and they were packing up) pointed us toward Calf Creek, which was only 45 minutes away and at least 20 degrees (F) warmer.

The view from our Calf Creek site

We expect pretty good things from government-run campgrounds and try to avoid private ones unless we’re looking for wifi or laundry. Most of the time during the trip so far we have had electric hookups, but they are becoming scarce out here. It’s only a small inconvenience at the moment, and as soon as I get the fridge running on propane it won’t be one at all. I think I discovered the problem, too: a cracked fitting. It isn’t evident until you rotate it so I couldn’t see it before, but when I try to light the pilot I always get a flame over this fitting instead. Hopefully we can remedy the problem in Kanab.

The view from the Panorama Trail, Kodachrome Basin State Park

Angus the red-nosed reindeer, about ready for a nap

I considered staying a second night at Kodachrome Basin because it has a variety of trails, some of which are good for running, a camp store (for ice), and warm daytime weather. It’s been getting cold every night recently, in the 30s or 40s, so we bundle up. The ranger at K. Basin said those temperatures are unusual for this time of year, and that usually they have severe heat by now. It’s supposed to be just as cold here tonight, too, in Dixie NF (it’s everywhere) at Red Canyon campground, which is just west of Bryce Canyon. We got here pretty early in the day and set up camp right away so we could go for a run. Conveniently, there is a paved running path along hwy 12 with access right at the entrance of the campground so we ran for a short distance along there with Angus in the stroller–or the “Burley,” as maybe you call it. He seemed to be feeling great this morning during our hike–he even tried to play with Lucy a couple times, but when we got out of the car here he was limping again. When I walked with Angus in the stroller before I tied Lucy’s leash to the handle, but I found that while running, I have to put Lucy’s leash around my waist or she keeps pulling on one side of the handle, steering us off the path.

[For the record, usually when I go running I just leave Angus in the camper.]

Later in the afternoon I had a sun shower, some sardines, and a little sunbathing in jeans and a hoodie.


5 responses to “Miscellaneous points in southern Utah

  1. Looks good out there. We are off to Saranac today.

  2. Hey Shannon. It looks like you are seeing some pretty awesome places. I hope you are having a good time. Keep posting. It is fun to read.

  3. Such beautiful places you are seeing!

  4. Shannon,

    I will call tomorrow (Thurs.) from work.

    Unfortunately I have to go up to Redding this weekend with Jackie. Her mother has some issues we need to help her with. We will be back on Sunday if you are still in the area. Otherwise if you are here on Friday (before ~2:30 P.M.) you are welcome to stay at our house while we are away (and when we get back). Talk to you soon.


  5. Hey–

    Sardines while sunbathing? Nice. How do you import T and rpm into the FBRM software?


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