Memorial Day weekend in Moab, UT

Sorry folks, I am still unable to post pictures.  I can’t get them to upload to flickr so I can copy/paste and I can’t get them to load directly into wordpress from my computer (which I avoid anyway because it always takes a long time).  But here’s what we’ve been up to:


 Instead of staying in Moab the usual two days I stayed the weekend, primarily because it’s Memorial Day weekend and I didn’t want to scrounge around for a camping spot. Fortunately, it’s a pretty entertaining place to wind up because the hiking is great and there is plenty to do in town. Friday we did a hike in Negro Bill Canyon, which is only about two miles one way (supposedly, but you hike at least a half mile and then find another sign saying it’s 2 miles one-way) and ends up at an arch. We didn’t make it all the way there; Angus was feeling better, but I didn’t want to tax him too much on his first hike back.In the afternoon we went to Arches NP, but I am so disappointed in my pictures of it. They really don’t do the amazing colors justice so I was tempted not to post any of them, anyway.  It was mostly rainy; maybe sunny pictures would have been better.

Dinner was at Eddie McStiff’s, a brewpub where I got two more hike recommendations from Marcos the bartender, who grew up here, and I tasted some good beer.


Moab hike #2 was really entertaining for me, but a little rough on Angus. It required a lot of rock scrambling and creek crossing, both of which he became increasingly reluctant to try. The trail was a little hard to follow and a few times we almost turned around because we had lost it, but then I would spot it again at the last minute. Supposedly it ends at a waterfall, but again we missed the spectacular ending, having lost the trail. And you know?  It’s a canyon, right?  There are only so many places it could be.  Well, I never was good at finding things.


We went back to the camper for lunch, naps, and book time and then later on walked around downtown, where there is an arts festival going on this weekend.  They have a number of dance and band acts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday and we listened to Tempa & the Tantrums play for almost and hour before heading back for dinner, which I have to mention because it was really good.  At the natural food store downtown I bought Rising Moon Organics garlic & gorgonzola ravioli and they are delicious. I put canned diced tomatoes (+ one leftover real tomato, diced) on the portion I ate, but wish I had only used some olive oil. The package tells me they’re from Eugene, OR, so I hope to eat them again soon.


You know, Moab is pretty cool, yeah.  The scenery is great, it’s way bike-friendly, they have a farmers’ market, etc.  But I’m not sure about the people here…no, that’s not fair.  Most of the time if I smile and say hello to someone I get a hello back, but more frequently than anywhere else I’ve been, in Moab sometimes I just get a stare.  And the worst was this morning when Lucy and I went running.  We ran up 191 and just before turning around passed an older man on a bicycle, to whom I smiled and said hello.  (He just stared in return.)  Then we crossed the road and headed back and I was surprised to see that he had done the same, so we would cross paths again.  As we passed each other I smiled at him, friendly-like, but he sneered “you want a cigarette?”  Being a little slow about these things, I had said “no, thank you” before I realized he was being rude.  I try to tell myself that he must feel like crap to say such a thing, so I should feel sorry for him but so far I’m just irritated and childishly want to push him off his bike. 

I am doing laundry in anticipation of a few days without access to it and the dogs are hopefully napping.  We set off to do a hike this morning, but started off at the wrong trailhead and by the time I figured out where the trail I wanted probably was, I realized Angus needed a day off anyway.  I am looking forward to a change of scenery tomorrow when we head to south central Utah.  Wish me luck getting the fridge to run on propane without setting the camper on fire. 







4 responses to “Memorial Day weekend in Moab, UT

  1. Sorry to hear about the unfriendly neighbors in Moab! But you just keep spreading that neighborly cheer, and know they’re better off having crossed paths with you!

    And, uh, good luck with the frig? Keep the camper intact so I can try it out when I meet up with you!

  2. I hate it when people don’t say HI back…how rude! I probably WOULD have pushed him off his bike, or atleast given him a mean glare. Hope the next location has more pleasant folks.

  3. You should have said “Yes!”, and then pushed him off the bike if he stopped. Lucy could have chewed his ears off.

  4. I’ll steer clear of old men on bicycles when we go to Moab. After reading your blog I am really looking forward to the time there.

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