Unexpected pleasures

This is how I’m trying to view my current situation: unexpectedly, I have the pleasure of wifi and showers and proximity to town.  I came up to the Moab area a day early (Thursday before Memorial Day weekend) thinking I could snag a first come, first serve spot on the Colorado River, but no luck!  I have a spot at Portal RV park for one night, and am covered until Monday next door at a different park, but may have to move the pop-up once while I’m there.  [shrug]  At least now I can just worry about recreation.

I had a couple pictures of Mesa Verde and Utah color, but flickr and I are fighting, so maybe I’ll try to post them later. 


2 responses to “Unexpected pleasures

  1. Hi Shan,
    Mom, Dad and I are here at my place keeping up with you. Gotta love the unknowns of adventures!

  2. Clyde and I are meeting Danine and Bobby in Moab on June 9. Let us know what you think . Loved the picture from Durango.

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