Dreamy Durango


I like it here.  I am surrounded by mountains, there are four microbreweries in town and a drive-thru java joint, bicycles are everywhere–including, I think, public bicycles each with their own personalized license plate, lastnight I sat next to a brewer during dinner at a wind-powered brewery, and while walking afterward in perfect weather during a breathtaking sunset I witnessed people hugging on the sidewalk.  I am also staying at a fabulous campground, Lightner Creek, which not only has Fritos, a creek, and wifi, but a Pet Park and petsitting service.  I took advantage of the latter this morning when Angus wasn’t quite in hiking condition but I didn’t want to miss out on the scenery.  To boot, when the owners knew I was going hiking they asked me to check in when I got back so they wouldn’t worry about me.

{While I type this, Lucy is playing with a snake skin, of which she is just as wary as if it were a live snake.}

I took this soon after discovering the remains of a deer carcass, and I’m not talking about one of those little Maryland deer–this was a big ‘un.  They say if you meet a mountain lion you should act large and back away slowly, but I can’t act as big as that deer was and he didn’t make it… 

Lucy is impatient with pictures

Onward to Utah!


2 responses to “Dreamy Durango

  1. Okay, Little Maryland Deer, that made me laugh out loud! I gotta go see how close I can fly into Durango …

  2. our deer in maryland may not be as big as the one you saw, but he may not have acted big. ive seen deer act big enough to come onto our city campus!
    hope all is going well!

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