Taos, NM


Oh it’s such a good day when you wake up to that swishing sound that means your dog is about to vomit. Fortunately, the little tantrum I threw last night over the faucet issue (more on that later) involved doing only dishes I needed for coffee in the morning, so my dinner plate was right next to bed and I plopped it in an advantageous spot, saving the sheets from today’s wash. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky with my computer bag in the car later.

We did a hike this morning (see Orilla Verde post for pictures) and then I was planning to race off to a laundromat, desperate for clean clothes. But back at camp my neighbors were gone so it was really quiet and I knew Angus was hankering for a nap, so I put the dogs in the camper and went for a run that I had been itching for for a couple days. I wish I could remember how important it is for me to run; it has such a huge impact on my sense of well-being and I get so irritable if I put it off. My mom knows this. I can’t seem to remember it.

Taos plaza

Oh right, the faucet issue. Sometimes it lets me have water; sometimes it does not. When I first set up camp here I had water from the faucet, but later in the day it gave out. Poof! Just like that, just like it happened before. I filled the water bowl with no problem. A little while later, nothing. I reconnected it again last night and still got no water, but I left it hooked up. This morning it gave me water! Now I can’t have any. Is it temperature-related? I can’t figure it out.



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