Orilla Verde Recreation Area

(~Friday, May 16th?)

We are staying at Orilla Verde Recreation Area, which is about 12 miles south of Taos. The Rio Grande is just across the street and its gorge is the main attraction here. Our first afternoon here we did a short hike called Vista Verde, which was interesting because it offered petroglyphs and a good view of the gorge.

Vista Verde Trail, beginning

Rio Grand Gorge

This morning (Saturday) we did part of the West Rim trail, which the ranger hadn’t been psyched about and now I see why. The scenery doesn’t change much and most of the trail that we saw was jeep track. It’s not as picturesque as singletrack, but did have the advantage of making Angus easier to keep an eye on in the sagebrush. He lags and I like to keep him close enough to prevent a recurrence of the Pandapas Pond episode, where I called him and he took off at full speed in the opposite direction, thinking that was where I was. The ranger here, Ben, told me to keep an eye out for large black rocks, in which Spanish priests, “for lack of anything better to do,” carved crosses in the 1600s. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any priest doodles. We saw the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Rio Grand gorge,

View from the West Rim Trail

And some pretty flowers.

Taos, NM 010

But again (I think I said before) I jettisoned my wildflower book, so I can’t identify them.


One response to “Orilla Verde Recreation Area

  1. Could be ‘Desert Paintbrush’

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