Las Vegas, NM

Well, around 3:30 the rain finally let up enough for us to go outside and we explored every inch of road and beach that we could around Storrie Lake.  Then we came downtown hoping to do some laundry.  I tried hard, chasing after two different laundromats, but gave up on finding the first and when I arrived at the second was told that it was closing early and that I wouldn’t have time to dry.  Oh well.  Bundled up like I am it’s hard to smell my clothes anyway. 

We haven’t explored everything here, but will probably head out in the morning toward Taos.  Apparently, there is a holiday weekend approaching and campsites might be hard to find, but I am assured that if I show up earlyish tomorrow I should be able to claim one of the first come, first serve sites. 

Here’s a picture of the sunset over Storrie Lake lastnight.  Las Vegas is right between the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Great Plains.  As the sun was setting over the the mountains, it turned the plains to the east a bright gold, which was all the more noticeable for the dark gray sky over them.  Couldn’t get a good picture of that, though. 

Las Vegas NM 001


One response to “Las Vegas, NM

  1. Kimberly Hearn

    Hey Shannon,
    Glad to see you are getting to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. Vegas gets pretty hot…get out while you still can!

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