Conchas Lake SP, NM

I made it to Conchas Lake SP on my last pair of clean-ish socks, inside out ‘cause maybe you can get two clean days out of them that way. So after taking the requisite immediate exploratory walk and setting up the camper, I washed a few things by hand.

NM 008

Note the sun and the blue sky, because it didn’t last long. The clouds rolled in during the afternoon but it didn’t start raining until the next morning. A cold front came in overnight, rendering most of the cities I am interested in seeing really chilly overnight. The excellent folks at the visitors’ center in Tucumcari showed me a 5-day forecast that predicted overnight temperatures of 29 in Taos? Las Vegas? Santa Fe? I can’t remember, but suspect they will all experience similar weather. Hoping for a miraculous change in the forecast, this morning I asked the rangers what they had heard and they said it will rain here for a couple days and won’t be normal until Sunday.

Now, this is a nice park. Lake Conchas is a beautiful clear blue lake popular with fishermen, especially for walleye.

NM 005

Lake Conchas

And there are some beautiful flowers around.

NM 015

But there isn’t more than a day or so’s stuff to do or see for non-fishermen. I will probably stick around until tomorrow, hoping for a break in the rain so I can pack up. It would make me crazy to wait out the cold front here, so I will brave the cold in the higher elevations.


One response to “Conchas Lake SP, NM

  1. Taos brings back memories for me!

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