Oklahoma and Texas get a night apiece

I decided to get across the middle states ASAP and was really hoping to avoid Kansas, which I hate driving through.  The terrain is so featureless and it has so many of those oil doohickeys that I find truly spooky.  You know the ones I mean?  It looks like a horse’s head going up and down, up and down,….  Oklahoma was much better than Kansas, I think.  Here’s a sample.  This looks flat, but there were hills periodically, and trees many more trees than I remember seeing in Kansas.

OK scenery

Taken from the moving car

We managed to spend only one night in Oklahoma City and in the morning I went to check out the 6-acre spectacular farmers’ market with the largest wooden dance floor in the state.  Well the first building we saw was pretty neat

OKC farmers' market building

but there isn’t anything in this building.  There were some produce and plants nearby, but it was disappointing so we headed back to camp so we could get going.  We made it to Amarillo by afternoon.  I had been planning to stay at an RV park here, but when we arrived it was so hot–I think it reached 90 yesterday–and awfully windy. 

Angus in TX

Angus says hello to Texas

Setting up the camper in those conditions would make me cranky so we splurged and stayed in a La Quinta on the west side of town.  We came inside and cooled off after a short walk for Lucy’s sake.  Before dinner I thought maybe we would take a look around town, but I just couldn’t take the wind so I just got dinner and came back to the room. 

This morning the weather is better: probably in the 50s and less windy.  We did have a little morning walk and didn’t see too much of Amarillo, but we did spy one of the Amarillo quarter horses.

Angus with an Amarillo quarter horse

Angus and the Amarillo quarter horse

They have these all over town, much like Blacksburg has Hokie birds.  We’re back at the hotel now before heading out and Lucy’s in the bath tub, don’t ask me why.  She has done this occasionally during thunderstorms, but there isn’t a cloud in the sky. 

Lucy at the La Quinta in Amarillo

It’s supposed to be much cooler today, but we’re not sticking around to see and will head into New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. 


2 responses to “Oklahoma and Texas get a night apiece

  1. Hi Shannon- I just stumbled on the e-mail my pops sent a while back out about your trip blog. Very cool! I did a similar trip with a friend in 1994, and your words bring back memories. You are wise to avoid Kansas. My friend Matt and I played Scrabble while driving across that particular state — the board was on the floor in front of the passenger seat, and my tiles were in the dashboard where the odometer was. Yes, Kansas is that flat and boring.

    If your ramblings bring you to Eugene, you’re welcome to loose your dogs in my backyard and we’ll grill you up some veggies!


  2. La Quinta sounds like a very good choice. Camping when it is 90 or above is my idea of ‘no fun’. 🙂

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