Lake Ouachita, AR (May 5-8)

I felt a little anxious to get going after our second night here, but we had planned to stay three. It’s probably good that we stayed, because I bet I wouldn’t have had the oil changed in the Escape if we were leaving on Wednesday. Plus, we got to do a nice hike at the park in the morning. We stopped at a couple other places in town, too. I was thinking about replacing the faucet in the camper. We had running water inside for exactly one day (Natchez SP) and then it gave out. One of the connections under the faucet is broken, but it’s the one I don’t need since it is for a water tank, which I don’t have. The open hole was preventing water flow so I sealed it, but now we have no flow again and I haven’t looked at it seriously. I will though, since I think a replacement faucet is $50. I also meant to look for a pepper grinder since my broke (Trader Joe’s brand–it lasted for a few years), but I feel bad about making the dogs (well, just Lucy) sit in the car too long, though they’ve been really good about it.


The hike we did was about four miles long and called the Caddo Trail. It was pretty strenuous and I swear the half-mile markers were farther apart than they said. The trail frequently ran close to the water though, so at least I could get Angus to drink. He usually won’t drink water that I carry.

Angus drinking Lake Ouachita

After hiking and running errands, I read for most of the afternoon. That Natchez history had me hooked but I killed it off. I have been giving Lucy a haircut little by little. I refuse to take her to a groomer, so I trim her with scissors a little bit every day. I know some birds like to use hair in their nests, so although I usually throw the bulk of her fur in the trash, I’m not too meticulous about getting it all and as I was reading saw this little bird collecting the fur I left on the ground.  If anyone can identify what kind of bird it is, shout it out.

bird gathering fur

There wasn’t much left, so I cut some more for it and it came back!

Dinner was decent (pasta + veggies), but not nearly as good as the previous night. My fabulous neighbors had me over for pork chops, salad, “Arkansas” sweet potatoes and “Arkansas” Italian bread (they‘re proud of their state–if it tastes good, it‘s from Arkansas). We had Virginia wine though, since I brought over the Liberty from Chateau Morrissette and it was a hit.

As of Thursday we are at Withrow Springs SP in northwest AR. It’s a state park, so you know it’s good.


One response to “Lake Ouachita, AR (May 5-8)

  1. So what ARE “Arkansas” sweet potatoes and “Arkansas” italian bread?

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