Fayetteville, AR (Saturday May 10)

[Sorry about the lack of pictures this time.  I’ll try to do better.]

We are staying at a state park equidistant from Fayetteville and Eureka Springs, both of which I wanted to see while I was in the area. Speaking of which, it is gorgeous here. It is hillier than southwest Virginia (smaller mountains–greater frequency) and there are a lot of farms. Some of the fields are covered with beautiful yellow flowers. Buttercups? I haven’t been able to tell from a distance. It has been cooler since we left the delta region of AR and came up through the Ouachita and Boston Mountains. Yesterday and today we had some rain temperatures were maybe in the 70s. Tomorrow’s high is 66 and they are calling for sun. Sun is good on a moving day, which tomorrow is.

I wanted to visit Fayetteville because it’s a college town, like Blacksburg, and according to the tourism guide they have a good farmers’ market. Holy smokes! It was so nice it was hard to leave. We showed up around 9am when the farmers’ market was in full swing (it opens at 7 am) in a beautiful square downtown. Dogs and people were milling around cheerfully, greeting people they knew, playing music, opening stores, and eating divine-smelling baked goods. It was a wonderful scene, and we poked around town a little more.

The neighborhoods are really attractive; the houses are all different–no cookie cutter houses here–and they didn‘t seem very expensive. I spoke to a guy who rents part of a corner house for $600/month, which includes all his utilities and I believe he has a whole floor. And he has a dog. And he lives just a couple blocks from Dickson St., which is like their Main St. near the college campus. We walked around the U. of AR campus for a little while. They have a large arboretum in front of Old Main, which seems like their Burruss (for you Hokies). It was beautiful like VT is, grand and tidy, but the buildings are a variety of colors and they have more trees.

Old Main, U of AR

Old Main from the arboretum

Clinton fact: both Bill and Hillary Clinton taught at the U. of AR law school and they were married in their house here on California St. I did keep an eye out for the street in case I could do a drive-by viewing, but I didn’t see it.

We started hearing thunder as I reluctantly drove out of Fayetteville and we made it back to the pop-up just in time to beat a torrential rain. I have always like thunderstorms, but lately I appreciate them an extra amount because it’s a rare time when Lucy is happy to stay in the camper, so I feel freer to go for a run. I went for one a couple days ago with Lucy, leaving Angus in the camper. He seemed to do all right by himself, but I prefer to leave them together.


2 responses to “Fayetteville, AR (Saturday May 10)

  1. I am definately envious of all the old houses you are seeing. I’ll bet it would be really neat to get in and look at the insides.
    You didn’t see any tornados in Oklahoma did you? Hope not.
    love you,

  2. Sounds like you’re having some great conversations with the locals, getting the low-down on all the places you’re visiting.

    Glad to hear you found some fresh, locally-grown produce!


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