Pecan Grove RV Park. Lake Village, AR

[Wrote this yesterday but had trouble with the images.  I am staying at Lake Ouachita SP now–no wifi but the place I had planned to stay was so much of a parking lot I didn’t know where the dogs would go to the bathroom.]

I’m staying in a pretty nice RV park which, true to its name, is actually in a pecan grove. The park information tells me that some of the trees are quite old, as much as 100 years. There are a ton of dogs here, including four that live here and wander freely. That took some getting used to for the dogs, but by now they have reached equilibrium and I can leave Lucy (tied up) outside without worrying. My favorite part of the park is these fat (phat) swings.

Lake Village AR 005

And the tire dragon.

tire dragon

Also, they have a long counter and sinks for cleaning fish. Across the road is Lake Chicot, which looks on a map like it was once part of the Mississippi River, but I don’t know anything about it. I’m just here en route to Hot Springs, and am about to pack up.


One response to “Pecan Grove RV Park. Lake Village, AR

  1. Phat Dragon Swing indeed. Where’s that lakeside spot you were talking about?

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