Happy cinco de mayo!

I keep forgetting to mention that Kristie is maintaining a google map for us of the places we’ve been–and even what we’ve done there.  Check it out if you want!  You can get to it through that link on the right side of the page that says “Where have we been?”

And while I’m on the subject, for anyone who doesn’t know A Year About is my cousin, Danine, and her family’s blog about their travels around the US this year.  Their pictures are gorgeous and their posts are pretty educational at times. 

101cookbooks is my favorite food blog. 


2 responses to “Happy cinco de mayo!

  1. Natchez looks like a very picturesque place. Where have we been is a great idea. I kept something similar when Shawn was biking across the country.

  2. At times?! You mean, not all of our posts are educationally scintillating?!?!

    We stayed at a Pecan Grove RV Park in Austin, TX and Elise picked the shells up off the ground, cracked them with a rock and ate the yummy insides!

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