Hattiesburg and Paul B. Johnson SP (4/29 through 5/1)

Once again, I was really pleased with our campsite here and since we visited during the week it wasn’t crowded.  Our spot was sunny in the morning, shady in the afternoon, and got a nice breeze during the day off the lake.    The park has a Frisbee golf course that seems pretty extensive, but in the middle of it are dozens of FEMA trailers.  I wonder how long they’ll stay.  There are also a number of really well-kempt brick cabins to rent, right on the lake, a couple swimming beaches, a porch swing, a boat launch, etc.  It’s a well-appointed park. 
Angus down by the swimming beach

We made friend with our neighbors, who had a 1-year old yellow lab named Duke, a duck dog, who thought that playing with Lucy and Angus was okay but if he could retrieve his dummy some more, that would make his day. 

We drove through the Hattiesburg historic district to see what there is to see.  They are just starting to reinvigorate that part of town, so it was half interesting restaurants and shops, and half disused buildings.  They do have a very nice paved bike/pedestrian path called the Longleaf Trace, which originates in Hattiesburg and ends 39 miles northwest.  It is a rails-to-trails project and where the stops were they have rest areas with water fountains and restrooms. 
Longleaf Trace enters Hattiesburg

Interesting note to the Cooper kids: somewhere I think I read that Brett Favre went to school here in Hattiesburg and still lives just west of the city. 


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