Last day in Niceville

I left Niceville after 2pm this afternoon after having lunch with Jacquie, Katie, and Gracie (bow ties with ham, peas, and cheese…MMMMmmm).  It was a great conclusion to a wonderful visit with them.  Yesterday afternoon after I posted, we took the dogs to the park, Rocky Bayou SP–and believe it or not, it was not even my suggestion although it is one of my very favorite activities.  Colin had to work all day, unfortunately, but lastnight after he got home he helped me fly a couple planes and a helicopter with his flight simulator (I crashed the helicopter) and we chatted for a little while in the hot tub while watching Lucy fearfully threaten an inflatable goose. 

Today began with a special pancake breakfast, coffee (Jacquie makes really good coffee in addition to her delectable yet easy-to-make meals), a great talk with Jacquie, and a lovely violin/piano duet.  I spent an hour or so packing up, a little time reading, and a longer while enjoying the sun from the pool deck.  I have to believe that the dogs had a great time, because they received endless love and treats, and…and you know what?  So did I!  I can’t wait to see these guys in no. Va later this year.  I heard there will be flashlight tag, right Colin?

Niceville 010

Gracie and Katie each chose a dog to lavish with affection

Now I am a couple hours away in Fairhope, AL.  They have wifi here and I hope to plan at least through the weekend.  Let’s be serious, there’s no way I’ll plan any further ahead than that, and if I get that done I’ll be impressed with myself.


2 responses to “Last day in Niceville

  1. Lucky Angus and Lucy! I would have guessed that Katie would pick Angus.

  2. Russ Henderson

    Welcome to Fairhope. I’m the Press-Register’s reporter for Fairhope and Daphne. I saw your post and wanted to drop a note to say hello. Feel free to call me at 219-5475 if you’d like to grab coffee while you’re here.

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