I get to visit more family!

Let’s see, I left off at Manatee Springs, yes?  Next I spent a night at Ochlockonee SP, which has a small but very nice campground on the Ochlockonee River.  They had good trails, too.  Here’s a photo from our morning walk.

Ochlockonee SP

This little mouse has a surprisingly loud voice and called attention to himself as we left the campground.  Not wise when Lucy is around, but fortunately I recognized it as a furry creature before I let her at it.  I guess I have less sympathy when she’s after bugs.


We only stayed here one night because we were rushing onward to Niceville, FL to see my cousin, Colin, and the rest of his family: Jacquie, Katie, and Gracie.  Colin took me flying at Eglin AFB!  Here’s a picture of Katie, Colin, and Gracie in front of the plane we intended to fly.

Katie, Colin, and Gracie

Usually when I see these guys there are a ton of other people around and it’s great to have the opportunity to see them here.  I had planned to stay in the camper here, but it was late by the time we finished dinner lastnight (so delicious!) and I still hadn’t set it up and they generously offered us a bed in the house.  They are wonderful hosts and I am really enjoying my time here.  I leave tomorrow though, and head…northish?


3 responses to “I get to visit more family!

  1. So glad you went flying? How was it? 🙂

  2. Luminiferous Gecko!
    Hey beautiful girl. I am out of minutes ’till tomorrow, and have messages I can’t see! Sounds like you’re having a great time tho, that’s great.
    And it was nice of you to protect the mouse from furry death from above. Whatever Luce might think. }{

  3. Did you go to AJs?

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