Manatee Springs SP

This, my friends, is the coolest campground we’ve been at yet.  I ended up having to switch sites today because I foolishly only made reservations for one night, but it’s worth it!  The campsite is shady, the hiking trails are good, and 300 meters away is the spring.  It’s so beautiful I literally gasped in wonder when I saw it.  Even in places where the water is 20 feet deep you can see all the way to the bottom.  You see fish, turtles, some kind of grass, everything that’s down there.  Manatees like to winter here because the water stays a constant 72 degrees and if you are in the water when they arrive you can swim with them.  I haven’t seen any yet, but there is always tomorrow.  This morning and lastnight, deer came right into our campsite to eat and I discovered that Lucy doesn’t really get crazy about them until they start running away.  She coolly watched one munch on the grasses nearby for at least 10 minutes without making a peep. 

Manatee Springs 006

This afternoon we drove out to Cedar Key to check it out.  It’s a small town, very walkable for all but the slowest dogs (but we’ll cut him a break because he had a seizure this afternoon).  I am camped outside the public library, Lucy is whining impatiently (brat–as if she didn’t hike today), and I am getting uncomfortable so I’m off. 

People seem curious about where I’m going next.  So am I.  😛  Somewhere up near Tallahassee or southwest of that nearer the coast.  Depends when I go and who’s got space.  We’re into the weekend now, which makes it tougher to stay in choice campgrounds (read: state parks) if you haven’t planned ahead.  I might end up at Manatee Springs one more night. 




2 responses to “Manatee Springs SP

  1. Shannon,

    Our friends, the Luhrs, are there with you right now! They have an Airstream just like ours with huge stickers all over it. Look for them!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. We missed seeing you at Kristie and Als house. We were there for Patricks first ball game.

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