A plea for gin

During the summer I like to drink gin & tonics, but I really prefer to use Seagram’s orange twisted gin.  I’ve searched for it in several states now, including the place where I used to buy it regularly, and nobody carries it!  I’ve checked the website and they apparently still make it.  Today I tried adding a little orange juice to my gin & tonic, which improves it but requires me to keep another ingredient on hand. 

Astor 010

If, in the course of your regular liquor shopping, you find a bottle of this nectar, would you grab one for me and I’ll pay you back? 


4 responses to “A plea for gin

  1. That looks good. I don’t think you are going to be in Vegas in time. Herb and I are leaving tomorrow morning. I will have a gin and tonic (orange) for ya. I probably will have more than one but who is going to be counting! Pour all the tonic in the orange juice and you will only have one container…geez.

  2. Gin-soaked road trip! Suh-WEET! I looked last week, again. No orange twisty gin love! Where ya goin’ next?

  3. Good News…I found a pleathora of ABC stores around me that have this famed nector that you speak of…I can pick you up a bottle and ship it to you overnight 🙂 Let me know when you will be in one area for a few days!! And Shilpa if you read this …yes, I looked while at work…whatya gonna do about it?!?

  4. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that “nectar”. Looks like you’re off to a great start!!! This sight is fabulous!!!! Can’t wait to see you…but don’t huury home on my account 🙂

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