Oconee National Forest

Wednesday through Friday we stayed in Oconee National Forest at the Lake Sinclair campground.  When we arrived, I was excited to find that we were the only ones in the park!  Before setting up camp we inspected our surroundings without having to adhere to any pesky dog rules, such as “No dogs allowed on beach” and “Dogs in campground must be on 6-foot leash.” 

Lake Sinclair

Lucy surveys Lake Sinclair

Lake Sinclair

Angus is lethargic in the Georgia heat

Ours was a roomy site and level, with a concrete picnic table and a hiking trail 75 meters away.  In the mornings we take a walk, usually after breakfast and sometimes with coffee so I was extra pleased about the trail because it meant that I could definitely walk Angus off his leash, leaving me a hand free for coffee.  (Lucy’s leash occupies my other hand.)

As the sun approached the horizon on wednesday, some folks pulled into a spot two sites down from us.  I walked over to introduce myself as they were setting up camp and surprised myself by saying that I was glad to have neighbors.  And I wasn’t lying. 

campsite at Oconee National Forest

Our campsite in Oconee National Forest

That night around sunset I realized that the camper interior lights didn’t work though all other equipment running on electricity was fine.  I decided to read by candlelight that night, which is pleasant anyway, and put off looking into the problem until thursday and daylight.  It had been a long driving day and turned cold when the sun went down, so I crawled into my sleeping bag.


2 responses to “Oconee National Forest

  1. Shannon, Georgia heat? How warm is it? Am enjoying your blog. Love, Aunt Lou

  2. At least 80 F during the day, but it really cools off at night. Glad you’re enjoying it! It’s been a little hard for me to find internet access so far. I don’t know if it’s me or where I’ve been, but hopefully I’ll get better.

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