Getting in the swing of it

Well, I admit: it’s been a little hard to get used to both being on my own and not having to be anywhere particular (poor me).  For the first few days, I basically ran away from Blacksburg because I was so tempted to return.  Then I decided that we needed a day to relax and plan at least a day ahead instead of getting up in the morning, picking a road, and figuring out where to stay after being on it for a while.  So we stayed at Kings Mountain State Park in SC for two nights, where I think I made good progress in the relaxation department.  After a 2-hour walk in the morning,

we did a walking tour of Kings Mountain, NC.  The town.  It’s nice enough, but a little eerie because unless you’re on the main streets, it’s deserted.  Then again, it was Sunday and everything was closed.  They do have at least two coffee shops, a used bookstore, and enormous magnolias.  Also, the houses were gorgeous and usually featured large porches, just my style. 

After returning to camp, we sunned ourselves and occasionally read or watched clouds.  Lucy is turning into a great camp dog.  She likes to spend most of her time outside, watching the neighborhood.  She has been so busy though, that she falls asleep when she doesn’t mean to.

Lucy falling asleep on the job

Oh yeah, Lucy suffered the first injury of the trip (Surprise, surprise, Kristie!  I know you thought it would be me.)  The first morning we woke up by ourselves we walked to the garage down the road to see if they could patch our tire and Lucy cut her foot pad on the way back. 

I am now a little south of Columbia, SC and will write more about it after I get some pictures.  Hopefully I will eventually work out how to use the timer function on my camera, too, and then you can see I’m not just the photographer.  I’m off to check out the showers here.  I’ve had a hot shower every day so far!




4 responses to “Getting in the swing of it

  1. It sounds like you are off to a really good start…new sights and some relaxation! Just what you hoped for 😛 I am glad Lucy is becoming quite the camp dog…I knew she would be a blast. Love the pictures of them…I am so jealous!! Can’t wait to see and read more…I am living through your blog as I sit here at this stupid desk! 😦 We miss you!!

  2. Poor Lucy, hope her little bandaged paw is ok…hugs and kisses to all!!!

  3. btw, I see all the pictures – no blue frame, no 404.

  4. Hey–a flat tire already! keep on truckin’. How is the Garmin working? Herb and I are headed to Vegas in two weeks. Hurry up and get out there…

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