short update from Foscoe, NC

Although promised by Woodall’s, I don’t have internet access at my campsite, so I am currently hunched underneath my hoodie with my computer crosslegged on the floor next to a Pepsi machine (because otherwise I can’t see the screen) at the pavilion at Grandfather Campground near Boone, NC.  I heard snow is coming in so this will be a short post because I want to get the heck out of here.  And my neck and shoulders will soon be killing me. 

To sum up, I had a wonderful time in Blacksburg and it was awfully tough to leave.  My birthday lasted for weeks this year since I celebrated with Mom, Dad, and Heather in Jersey, Coopers when I arrived in Blacksburg, and Coopers when my real birthday rolled around.  Check out the birthday mocha Kristie got me!


When I finally did leave, Kristie took me to Chateau Morrissette for the afteroon,


helped change my flat tire on the way there, and helped me set up my campsite before heading back to Blacksburg.  Lucy was a little weirded out at staying in the camper at first, but she’s getting the hang of it.  Once Angus found out there was food in there he felt right at home.

Hey, let me know if the pictures aren’t showing up here.  At least one person had trouble viewing the ones on the last post.   Must go pack up and flee the cold!


2 responses to “short update from Foscoe, NC

  1. It was awfully tough to leave you in Meadows of Dan, and I lingered as long as I could, but as I pulled back onto the parkway, your CD clicked over to “Send Me On My Way” so there you go. With some good wine, hummus and cashews, you’re on your way! We’ll miss you while you’re gone, but can’t wait to see where the road takes you.

  2. The pictures did not show up on your April 12 posting but blue frames showed up. When I clicked in the blue frame, it took me to a 404 ERROR page. This did not happen on the previous pictures, although they were not there and there was not a blue frame on them. (If this makes sense). I have tried this both at work (I though maybe the security system at work might be blocking them) but it did not work at home either.

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