Enjoying DC

Since fulfilling my dream of moving out of Waldorf I have been trying to take better advantage of the amusements DC has to offer before leaving it for a while.  In the last few months I have been to the National Gallery of Art a couple times, a couple Smithsonian museums, a fabulous Mexican restaurant (Rosa Mexicano–right near the Spy Museum and the Portrait Gallery!), I am playing in a touch rugby league, and I am learning how to play Aussie rules football.  I have also been taking full advantage of the Fairfax county library and go almost every weekend to restock on audio tapes for the drive to work.  I have been listening to everything by Walter Mosley they’ve got. 

Yesterday I ran the Idiotarod.  No, that’s not misspelled but yes, it’s based on the Iditarod.  Instead of huskies and dog sleds, teams of six people and shopping carts race around DC through checkpoints to a finish line/party.   Most teams wear pretty serious costumes and my favorite this year was the A-team.  They even had the theme music playing and it’s still stuck in my head!  The event raised money for Miriam’s Kitchen, a charity that feeds the homeless in DC. 

The A-Team

The A-team

I love this event.  Thanks to my teammates: Shilpa, Brian, Kim, Eric, and Brian, for running it with me.



4 responses to “Enjoying DC

  1. We will miss you most of the time you are gone but know you are looking forward to it. If you still don’t have a “list” of tools to take, I can help you out there. Would be nice if you posted the various campgrounds / parks you stay in and “rate” them for future reference. Mom talked about camping again. Will miss you lots but have a good time.

  2. Hey Shan–This is very cool (website). I wish you the best and hope you enjoy every minute of the trip…you deserve it! Hopefully you write a bunch and let us know how things are going. If you start heading towards Connecticut please let me know and come visit!

  3. You forgot to put GF9M on the whiteboard. I really hope I can change the 9 to a lower number though. Be safe, happy journey, and check in often!

  4. So today is the day right? First day of the rest of your life! You will have an awesome time. I wish you and the pups a happy journey. We will miss you here!! Have fun and we will be waiting for your return! 🙂

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