Monthly Archives: March 2008

Enjoying DC

Since fulfilling my dream of moving out of Waldorf I have been trying to take better advantage of the amusements DC has to offer before leaving it for a while.  In the last few months I have been to the National Gallery of Art a couple times, a couple Smithsonian museums, a fabulous Mexican restaurant (Rosa Mexicano–right near the Spy Museum and the Portrait Gallery!), I am playing in a touch rugby league, and I am learning how to play Aussie rules football.  I have also been taking full advantage of the Fairfax county library and go almost every weekend to restock on audio tapes for the drive to work.  I have been listening to everything by Walter Mosley they’ve got. 

Yesterday I ran the Idiotarod.  No, that’s not misspelled but yes, it’s based on the Iditarod.  Instead of huskies and dog sleds, teams of six people and shopping carts race around DC through checkpoints to a finish line/party.   Most teams wear pretty serious costumes and my favorite this year was the A-team.  They even had the theme music playing and it’s still stuck in my head!  The event raised money for Miriam’s Kitchen, a charity that feeds the homeless in DC. 

The A-Team

The A-team

I love this event.  Thanks to my teammates: Shilpa, Brian, Kim, Eric, and Brian, for running it with me.



Packing and prepping the camper

Packing is all I want to do lately.  I have a thorough (I think, now) packing list but it is based on just one weekend camping in the freezing cold after Thanksgiving.  I debated taking my bike for a while, but it will go.  Things that I haven’t decided on are How many pillows do I need?  Which tools?  How much cold weather clothing (lots! I think today because it was 28 F when I woke up)? 

The camper is ready after having electric brakes and two deep cycle batteries installed.  I had the folks at Charlie’s Camping Center in Randallstown, MD do it because I liked the way they spoke to me on the phone and they seemed to emphasize their service department just as much as sales.  We went after a vet appointment and they didn’t mind having the dogs in the showroom, which is lucky for us because it was miserably cold and wet. 

Angus in the showroom at Charlie’s

Before they let me leave, they showed me how to adjust the trailer brakes, how to light the fridge pilot in the event that I run it on propane (which I will), how to maintain the trailer/tow vehicle connections, and where the fuse for the wiring is located in case I need to replace it.  They also gave me a spare fuse, chatted about the trip with me, and told me about membership with Flying J, who has locations all over the US and where I could stay overnight and shower for free, refill propane and gas at a discount, and get air and water for free.   It’s essentially a parking lot, so I don’t anticipate staying in many, but it could be handy. 

My new batteries!

Now the camper with its valuable removable parts is in the driveway, and hopefully at some point during the next three weeks we will get to spend a couple nights in it to see what we’re missing.